What is a domain name transfer?

A domain name transfer is when you transfer a domain name from one domain name registrar to another. In order to transfer a domain name from domain name registrar to another, you must have your current domain name registrar provide you with what is known as your "Transfer Key". The Transfer Key is simple a bunch of letters, numbers, punctuation or combination thereof. The transfer key may only be sent via email to the email address on file for a particualr domain name.

All domain names now you this Transfer Key system to simplify the process of transferring domain names.

If you understand, 

Many times the word "Transfer" is used to mean something else. For example, you decide to get hosted with another web hosting provider. In order for the domain name to resovle correctly, many of these hosting companies will purposely use the wrong terminology to trick you into doing something you don't want to do.

For any domain name to work, all domain names must point to something called a DNS or Name Server. The term DNS and Name Servers mean the same thing so for the rest of this tutorial, we'll just call it Name Servers. By default when you register a domain name with us, your domain name is automatically pointed to our Name Servers. Every web hosting company, domain name registrar and Internet Service Provider have their own Name Servers.

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